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University course of the SFU Academy of Continuing Education | Start 21.03.2022

Course: Psychosocial Competence in the Economy

Current working conditions are often characterized by increasing time and deadline pressure, lack of information, frequent restructuring and lack of room for manoeuvre. The pandemic also required considerable flexibility from managers and employees and led to massive additional work-related stress.

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Bachelor Professional

Monika Spiegel: "It is an opening of the gates for civil society"

Monika Spiegel, director of a university continuing education academy, explains what to expect from the new courses
from January 22, 2022 on


Resilience: An immune system for the soul

Pandemic, out-of-touch, and lockdown threats are not easy for anyone to endure. But some can handle it better than others. Resilience helps them
from 17. January 2022 on



"We learned nothing about dealing with dying in the pandemic"

Corona has brought death to the center of society - or so one would think.
from November 1, 2021 on


Guest article

Even helpers must be allowed to say no

Pflexit" is the name of the feared withdrawal of people in medical jobs. My call for more self-protection.

from January 14, 2021 on

Continuing Education Academy of the SFU Vienna

Digital communication for the professional future

Changeover of the working world to online formats burdens many affected ? Continuing Education Academy of Sigmund Freud Private University offers course in online counseling.

from October 5, 2020 on


Home office forever? Home office alone will not work in the long run

In the future, the vast majority would like to see a mixture of working hours in the office and at home. Why distance from others is inhumane in the long run.

from May 30, 2020 on

Guest commentary

The true face - the masks have fallen

In the crisis, the true face shows itself. And what do we see? Narcissism and egomania. An appeal for a confrontation with fear.

from May 2, 2020 on


Why managers are doubly challenged in the crisis

An interview on about the challenges they face and how best to overcome them.

Interview from May 1, 2020 on