Coaching is a person-centered and time-limited consulting process in a professional context and an effective tool for personal and thus professional development. I conduct coaching mainly in individual settings or group settings in the company.

Who benefits from coaching?

Just as managers cannot leave their personality at the coat rack, no human being can keep behavioural and relational patterns out of the organization in their working life. We re-enact ourselves as human beings with all our strengths, weaknesses, patterns and experience values within the organization, within our working life.

Using a coaching is always a chance to develop personally and therefore professionally; as an individual but also as an organization that benefits from the psychosocial competence of its leaders.

Coaching in individual settings

I work with my clients in the coaching process by means of self-reflection on their personal strengths and weaknesses. In the individual setting, we define the concrete problems and develop solution strategies. The topics range from learning useful skills to building self-esteem and resilience to addressing personal meaning in a professional context.
Coaching can support, among other things, in responding to psychological stress around the transition to home office, in cases of burnout risk and overwork, and in cases of existing or emerging addictive behavior in the workplace. Furthermore, coaching is ideal for people who have lost their professional focus or who want to reorient themselves in the working world. Existential fears resulting from an insecure work situation can also be dealt with within a coaching session.
The intensive confrontation with oneself within the coaching process is a courageous step. It creates insights and clarity that have an effect beyond the office walls.

Coaching for companies and executives

As head of the Institute "Psyche and Economy" at the Sigmund Freud Private University, I have been dealing with the special psychological demands on executives in large companies for years.

In the current situation, in which many things are in a state of flux due to the pandemic, managers are under great pressure. They have to implement organizational changes, accompany employees and be able to listen; they have to recognize how their employees are doing and at the same time keep their personal limits in focus.

The demands on managers are high and their psychosocial skills are in great demand. I offer the following courses, seminars and lectures for companies and executives:

  • Practical course for managers: "Psychosocial competence in business"

Contents: Employee protection law / Employee survey / Psychological stress / Coping strategies / Communication strategies / Healthy leadership / Addiction in the workplace etc. Scope/duration: 7 modules, 3 of which can be booked individually, 2 semesters, part-time

  • Communication and personality training for assistants

This seminar teaches the application of various communication techniques, both on a company and individual level.

  • Personality development for employees

In seminars or also in individual settings, the topic of biography work and the effects on my work relationships or, seen as a whole, my work life, should be worked on and, if necessary, changes should be worked on.

  • Executive Coaching - from the person to the personality

Actual-target analysis, acquisition of leadership techniques, burnout prevention, external and self-perception. Depending on the need, we work in an individual or group setting - in-house or externally.

  • Organizational development or consulting Clarification of the assignment in the context of preliminary discussions with the responsible executives

Agreement on consulting goals, coaching of internal project management, process evaluation

  • Lectures on the topics

Health prevention in companies (if desired also together with a doctor), since 90% of all physical illnesses have a mental cause; stress-related gastro-intestinal illnesses and not only the back pain caused by constant sitting.

  • Stress management for everyday life: an absolute practical seminar!

How do I implement these change processes in everyday life and where are my hurdles? Seminars or consultations in the area of change management, team development, conflict management or mediations can be offered at any time as needed.