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Dr. Monika Spiegel
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Do you regularly get caught up in dysfunctional relationship patterns?
Your work situation is becoming increasingly stressful?
You would like to face a mental illness with professional support?

There are probably as many reasons as there are people to use psychotherapy or coaching as an instrument to improve their life situation. The spectrum of treatment in my practice ranges from mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders, addiction problems and depression to work on stressful relationships, family or work relationships.

Here you can learn more about my areas of expertise.

As a Gestalt therapist I accompany and support people individually according to their personal issues and current life situation. In the foreground of the Gestalt therapeutic approach is for me to perceive the person as a holistic individual, who is confronted with different challenges in every phase of life. Gestalt therapy is suitable for short-term coping with stressful phases of life as well as for the long-term treatment of mental illness.

Benefit from my many years of practice as a psychotherapist in the field of Gestalt therapy. As a senior staff member of the Sigmund Freud Private University in the area of psyche and economy as well as the universitys executive academy, which is currently under construction, I keep my finger on the pulse of current scientific findings. I also regularly make this long-standing and diverse expertise available to journalists.

Psychotherapy can also be a valuable experience outside of acute crisis situations. It provides ways and means to consciously shape one's own life in the here and now and to gain more knowledge about oneself.

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