Fortunately, using psychotherapy is nowadays as normal as going to the doctor. Basically, psychotherapy is suitable for everyone and for every age. Every phase of life presents us with its own individual challenges, which can be addressed with professional support within the framework of psychotherapy.

People come to my practice who are suffering from mental illness, but also people without current mental stress who would like to get to know and understand themselves and their behavioral patterns better. Psychotherapy is not only professional support in times of crisis, but also an exciting and instructive examination of oneself.

As a Gestalt therapist, I work with my clients with a strong focus on experiencing in the here and now. Gestalt therapy is used for short-term coping with stressful phases of life as well as for longer-lasting treatment of mental illness.

My treatment spectrum includes the following topics. Here I would like to give you some examples to help you better understand the topics.

Treatment spectrum

Relationship conflicts

  • Do you regularly have the feeling of being misunderstood, disregarded or suppressed by your counterpart in your private and/or professional relationships?
  • Do you find it difficult to maintain longer relationships (partnerships, friendships) or do your relationships regularly fail due to similar problems?
  • Do you have difficulty raising issues appropriately in your relationships (including in the work environment)?

Anxiety disorders

  • Do you regularly experience severe anxiety with physical reactions such as racing heart and trembling, with no apparent real danger?
  • Do you experience anxiety in large public places and/or crowds?
  • Do your fears severely limit you in your life? Do you notice avoidance behavior toward anxiety-provoking places or situations?


  • Have you been feeling down, sad, depressed, or hopeless a lot lately?
  • In the last month, have you had significantly less pleasure and enjoyment in things you usually like to do? Do you generally still manage to take pleasure in things?
  • Do you notice that you are becoming increasingly withdrawn and quickly fatigued?

Addictions (including drugs, internet, gambling, work,.. )

  • Do you spend more than 6 hours a day away from work using digital media?
  • Do you notice that if you are completely honest with yourself, your alcohol and/or drug consumption is steadily increasing?
  • Are you able to switch off and relax after work without regularly resorting to alcohol or drugs?

Stress disorders (persistent fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis, cardiovascular diseases, sleep disorders)

  • Do you suffer from complaints that could not be medically linked to physical causes?
  • Do you find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the night?
  • Do you have problems "getting going"; are you excessively tired or exhausted even before your actual activity begins?


  • Do you feel you can no longer take time for socializing, rest and relaxation?
  • Do you have the feeling that your activity is not valued and that you do not receive the recognition you had hoped for despite increased commitment?
  • Do you have the impression that you can no longer control your life yourself and are instead being controlled "from the outside"?



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Couples therapy

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