Self coaching - how to keep the soul healthy

Maintaining and promoting mental health is one of the topics that is of particular concern to me in my practice. The focus is on preventive measures that enable my clients to develop their own "inner coach" step by step. The goal is to prevent mental illness and to establish a suitable routine that promotes mental health.
Our modern lifestyle confronts body and soul with pressure to perform, lack of exercise, poor nutrition and permanent stress. It is important to create counterpoints to these stresses before a multitude of illnesses - both physical and mental - threaten. Body, mind and soul can be strengthened with suitable means in order to remain permanently healthy.

Who has no time for his health, must take later much time for his illness.
- Sebastian Kneipp. (1821-1897, German naturopath and Catholic theologian)

In my practice I follow the approach of seeing the human being in its entirety when working with my clients. Therefore, it is important to me to individually tailor a holistic program that includes, among other things, exercise, nutrition and relaxation techniques that my clients can integrate into their daily structure.

Finding these time-outs and integrating them into the daily routine is a benefit for body and mind and the first step to activating one's own inner coach.