Dr. Monika Spiegel

I am passionate about everything human, about what makes us and forms the basis of our relationships with our environment.

In a time of various crises, it can be difficult to find a way to deal with these crisis situations. Isolation, feelings of fear and insecurity, pressure at work, problems in relationships - crises are omnipresent. This is where I would like to start with my psychotherapeutic offer and pave a way out of the crisis with my clients.

My professional path initially led me to the business world, where I worked for many years. My fascination for the human being was already awakened at that time and so I completed my studies in psychotherapy. I was able to gain experience in a wide variety of areas - including working with people suffering from psychosomatic illnesses as well as people with addictions.

Since 2010 I have been offering my clients in my own practice trustworthy support in processes of change from the professional to the personal level, in the case of mental illness as well as in the case of physical complaints caused by persistent mental stress.

Here you can learn more about my focus in the areas of coaching  and psychotherapy.